The Forest Lakes History Room

How did it begin?

When the Community Center was purchased in 2014, the FLOA Board decided that one of the rooms in the House should be designated as a  History Room.  A Historian was appointed to manage and maintain the room.  It was unveiled on August 1, 2015 at the 50th Birthday Celebration of Forest Lakes Estates.

New items are added regularly as they become available.   All residents are invited and encouraged to contribute historical items.

What is in the room?

An interactive map of Forest Lakes where residents can fill out a card with when they purchased their cabin and write special memories they have and pin it to their cabin location.

Donated items by residents, such as an old tobaggan, a totem pole, a wall crank telephone, a continuous running DVD of pictures from the first 50 years, and lots of pictures, posters and stories of history.  We welcome all residents to contribute items to add to the story of Forest Lakes.

When is it open ?

During the months of May through September.

Anytime there is an event or meeting at the Community Center.

By appointment with the Historian. Patti Phillips at

what is in the History Room?

Toddy Time Chair

Back in the 70’s, if you were to attend “toddy time” at someone’s cabin in Forest Lakes, you would s

Back in the 70’s, if you were to attend “toddy time” at someone’s cabin in Forest Lakes, you would see lots of these macrame lawn chairs. It became quite the rage to re-do the broken straps of your aluminum lawn chair with various macrame patterns.

This chair was rescued from the rummage sale and is now re-purposed as a part of our Forest Lakes History room.

If you watch the History video in the Forest Lakes History room, you will see lots of examples of these chairs at the festive parties in the 70’s.

If you have had a cabin or your family has for many years, you may have one of these vintage collectibles of your own.