Who Are We?

How Can You Join?

What Do We Do?

FLOA is a non-profit social organization, run by a Board of Directors elected by the membership.  FLOA  owns and manages the Community Center.

We were established in 1967 to inform and represent the membership about community and county decisions, to sponsor social events for the community, and to interface with other local organizations to develop and implement short and long range plans that protect and enhance area value.


What Do We Do?

How Can You Join?

What Do We Do?

FLOA serves the community by managing programs such as the Green Waste Transfer Station, Semi-annual highway cleanups, and a History Room, to mention a few.

 We also coordinate and sponsor many events such as Pancake Breakfasts,  Rummage Sales, Bake Sales, Community Markets,  Summer concerts and shows.

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How Can You Join?

How Can You Join?

How Can You Join?

Who can join…..

· Property owners

· Long term Leasers

· Seasonal residents of RV Parks within the boundaries of Forest Lakes, including the  Rim Resort and RV Park

Dues are just $30 per calendar year per household. 





The FLOA board will be meeting (virtually) on May 25th to discuss whether there can be a June Board meeting and  determine, per CDC / AZ State health guidelines, when The Community Center facility can formally re-open for events.

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Effective immediately, open burning of any kind is banned in Coconino County.  This includes the Forest Lakes Community, an unincorporated subdivision in Coconino County.

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March 25, 2020

To:  Forest Lakes Owners Association (FLOA) Members

From:  FLOA Board of Directors

Re; FLOA By-laws updates of July 2016 document

During our 2019 / 2020 “hiatus” time frame, your Board has been reviewing our current Articles of Incorporation (AOI) and existing By-laws that were formally published July 2016. Click HERE for the complete copy of the current by-laws with proposed revisions.

The review was necessary since business situations have surfaced that needed clarification of guidelines for FLOA Board operational purposes.

To accomplish this revision / amendment / modification function, your Board performed the following tasks; 

  • Complete review of our AOI. The review found that intent was still applicable as we exist today, a non-profit organization. Noticed that several AOI articles referenced our by-laws for procedural instructions that needed to be reviewed for their existence.
  • Researched “google internet” legal websites for by-law recommended formats. Comparing those researched facts and examples, it revealed that certain generic guidelines were not present in our existing by-law (July 2016) as currently published
  • The revised by-law “Draft” was provided to the Board during Nov 2019. Board recommendations and input were incorporated at our Jan 2020 work session.  More electronic Board working reviews were conducted, modifications made, and “Draft” purposed narratives agreed upon.

Per our current By-laws guidelines, the Corporation membership is to be provided a “working copy” for a minimum 30 calendar days or more.  During this time frame FLOA membership may submit comments to any Board member or e-mail your input to: waynerfloa@gmail.com.

The plan is to review membership submissions from the date of this letter through our May 2020 Board meeting. At the June 2020 community meeting, the Board shall formalize the revised By-law narrative for approval and implementation.

If the global Health situation is not improved to some form of normal living, then the formal process shall be accomplished by electronic communication.

Please note, when you review our purposed narrative revisions, be aware of the colored font narrative, it is;

1. Narrative that is “Black” font exists in our currently published by-laws, no changes.

2. Narrative that is “Green” and "Red" font are Board recommended additions, revisions or modifications.

That narrative adds cross references our AOI, provides clearer guidance for certain processes, Board functions, establishes qualification timelines, identifies existing business / operational requirements and incorporates updated formal legal compliance rulings.

Thank you for your support in reviewing the Board proposed changes. When formally implemented, the revised By-laws shall allow the FLOA Board to better serve the “Community” of Forest Lakes.

Best regards,

Wayne Rothwell

President, FLOA


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Check Out our Facebook Page

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About Forest Lakes..........

About Forest Lakes..........

About Forest Lakes..........

The area that is now Forest Lakes began as mining claims filed by Reed Denison in the late 1939 and early 1940 era. 

CLICK HERE to get much more information, including the history, businesses, and other organizations in Forest Lakes.