What Is The Green Waste Transfer Station?

 The GWTS was permitted by the U.S. Forest Service  for the purpose of providing all Forest Lakes residents a place to take their compostable debris.  A comprehensive list is shown below.  It is a receiving and storage station and ultimately final dissemination of the forest materials.

The GWTS is located on nearby forest property.

Usage fee is $10 per load. It is self-sustaining financially. Tax revenues are not used to fund the operation. 

The GWTS is a public service provided jointly by the Forest Lakes Owners Association (FLOA) and the Forest Lakes Fire District (FLFD).  FLOA is the permit holder and handles the contractual interface with the U. S. Forest Service, specifically the Black Mesa Ranger District.

 FLFD provides operations management, including site maintenance and preparation of the site for chipping operations, the latter of which requires a front loader, which FLFD provides.  The Black Mesa Ranger District and the FLFD are responsible for fire suppression.

When Is It Open?

 The GWTS is open from April through October,  and as needed in December, 3 - 5 days a week.   Operations outside of this season must be authorized by the Forest Service. The Forest Service reserves the right to close the permit area, due to snow or wet roads and soil.  Hours within the season are determined on community needs. 

It is staffed during hours of operations. An attendant monitors incoming loads of debris to ensure proper material is being dropped off. At all other times, it is secured and locked.

The GWTS must be closed when a Red Flag Warning is declared, due to its location being on National Forest property.

What is Allowed/Not Allowed?


Vegetative material, such as tree thinning branches and brush, boles of trees, pine needles, cones, grass clippings, and other plant material. All brush must be removed from any plastic bags and bags must be removed from the area.


Large stumps, hazardous materials, non-vegetative materials (rocks, dirt etc.) and human processed materials such as appliances, appliance parts, rubber tires, auto parts, and building materials.   


The GWTS is located on Forest Road 99-A. approximately 1 mile north of Forest Lakes It can be accessed by taking either Forest Road 99 or Wildcat Road to where all 3 roads intersect. The GWTS is about ½ mile to the West of the intersection on 99-A. Signage is restricted due to the site being on National Forest property.