About FLOA

 The missions of FLOA are:

· To inform and represent the membership in regards to community and county decisions that affect Forest Lakes Estates

· To lend support to other Forest Lakes organizations

· To interface with County, State and Federal organizations affecting Forest Lakes

· To coordinate social activities and special events for the  general benefit of the community


 The non-profit corporation was established in April, 1967 in order to develop and implement short and long range plans that protect and enhance area value.

FLOA provides for the maintenance, preservation and control of the Association property and/or common areas within FOREST LAKES ESTATES, including any further additions.

FLOA is the sole proprietor of the Community Center, purchased on December 12, 2014, and is responsible for its management, including financial sustainability for utilities, maintenance, insurances, property taxes, and other related costs.

 FLOA is not an "HOA" as commonly formed in other communities, as we have no required dues or levies, and we have no enforcement authority regarding CC&Rs. 

Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws

How FLOA Serves the Community

FLOA manages the following for the Association:

  • A History Room at the Community Center House.
  • A semi-annual Highway Clean-up of Hwy 260 through Forest Lakes.
  • Obtained a Special Use Permit with the U. S. Forest Service, specifically the Black Mesa Ranger District, for a Green Waste Transfer Station on nearby forest property for the disposal of residents’ compostable debris.
  • Obtains permits from the county and provides liability insurance coverage for an annual Charity Ride over the 4th of July Week-end.
  • Donates funds to local organizations based on need or request.
  • Generated a petition in 2018 to present to Verizon Wireless for improved service in Forest Lakes with the result of being able to have a 150' tower installed at the fire station property.

And much more.......


 Who can join…..

  • Property owners
  • Year round Long term renters of property within the boundaries of Forest Lakes
  • Summer long Seasonal residents of RV Parks within the boundaries of Forest Lakes, including the  Rim Resort and RV Park

Membership  is not required, as would be in an "HOA", but we invite everyone who calls Forest Lakes their home to join! 

Dues are just $30 per calendar year per household.   And..... "Over & Above" gifts are always appreciated!  They are used for Community Center improvements.

NEW!  You can now pay dues by credit card through PayPal.

NOTE:  2019 renewal invoices have been mailed to all current members and all property owners.   If you have not been a FLOA member in the past or it's been a few years, now's the year to join!

New residents can join at any time.  CLICK HERE  for more information.



The FLOA Board of Directors consists of 7 to 9 members who are elected by the FLOA membership.

Pictured left to right is the 2019 Board members:  Cal Phillips, Rosanne Smith, Wayne Rothwell, Judy Nelson, Larry Prather, Judy Summers, Mack Hume, Shari Massion and Sean Williams

2018 — 2019 FLOA Board of Directors


President:     Wayne Rothwell

gthrower@frontiernet.net     928-587-8634

Vice President:    Shane Williams 

pony67@hotmail.com              480-266-2311

Secretary:     Shari Massion

Ssmassion45@gmail.com       480-201-4693

Treasurer:     Judy Nelson

judynelson44@cox.net            602-739-4369


Mack Hume                                    marymackhume@gmail.com 

Cal Phillips                                      Calphillipsphx@gmail.com

Larry Prather                                 alicprather@aol.com 

Rosanne Smith                              rosynaz@aol.com 

 Judy Summers                              jsummers43@earthlink.ne

Board of Directors list from 1967 - present



Meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Saturday from April through September at the Community Center House, 1111 Merzville Road, at 2 PM.

A typical agenda includes a reading of the minutes of the previous meeting, a Treasurer's report, announcements from the Board President, reports regarding various projects and issues, and an open forum with audience participation.

At the meetings, guest speakers and program presentations are common with topics related to issues of interest to Forest Lakes.

Members are invited and encouraged to attend. 

2019 Board Meeting Minutes

2017 & 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

2015 & 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

2018 Financial Reports

2019 Financial Reports

2019 Budget